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Dental Malpractice

Mistakes and accidents that occur during dental or periodontal treatments such as root canals, extractions, and implant procedures, can lead to debilitating and life-changing injuries. The human mouth is a sensitive environment full of nerves and specific bacteria, so oral surgeries that are not performed with due care and expertise carry a high risk of painful nerve damage and the development of infections. Recently, dentists and periodontists have begun using a new very strong anesthesia Articaine/Septocaine in extractions/removals. Particularly if improperly applies this anesthesia can cause/increase the risk of paresthesia and nerve damage. Such injuries can lead to permanent injury to the lingual and/or mandibular nerve.

Bacterial infections that may occur at the site of a dental procedure can be life-threatening and are often difficult to treat. Certain infections that begin in the mouth can even spread to bones, lead to osteoporosis, and impact other body parts if debridement procedures and antibiotics do not promptly control and eradicate the problem.

When dental or periodontal procedures result in significant pain or inflammation, it is very important to seek medical care right away to minimize the injury. If the condition does not resolve, the patient may find herself facing years of discomfort and staggering medical bills. The attorneys at Meyerson & Miller are experienced in helping injured dental patients secure payment from negligent parties to compensate them for their pain and suffering and the cost of future medical/dental care. Recently, we successfully resolved a case on behalf of a young woman who developed severe osteomyelitis (bone infection) after undergoing a seemingly straightforward extraction and implant procedure.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury to a nerve or acquired a serious infection in the course of undergoing a dental or periodontal procedure, please contact one of our dental malpractice attorneys via our online form or call (215) 972-1376 for a free and confidential case review with one of our experienced attorneys. Please note that we utilize a strict case selection criteria and are only interested in cases involving major injuries such as trigeminal neuralgia, cuts/injuries to the lingual or alveolar nerve, and severe or untreatable infections.
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