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Birth Injuries and Birth Defects

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Although childbirth is meant to be a happy and joyous occasion of a new addition to the family, a small number of births are marred by infant medical malpractice by obstetricians; birth defects caused by hospital negligence; or birth defects due to prescription drugs taken during pregnancy.

Our attorneys have represented children who have sustained serious birthing injuries and also parents who have experienced the death of a child due to professional negligence.

Our record includes substantial financial damages for a child who was born with a deformed arm due to shoulder dystocia caused by obstetric malpractice in trying to force the delivery of the child through natural means who was too large to be delivered through the birth canal.

A successful birth injury lawsuit can provide financial security for the family and children they may have in the future.

In another case, a obstetrician, despite repeated warnings from the nurses on duty as to fetal distress, delayed coming to the hospital until it was too late and the child was stillborn. Our firm obtained a very substantial result on behalf of the parents which has provided financial security for them and for the subsequent healthy children that they have been able to have.

Also, the firm has undertaken cases involving various serious reactions, both at the time of childbirth and during childhood, when mothers have taken drugs during pregnancies or the infants have been treated with certain drugs after their birth. Such deaths are often due to seizures and cardiovascular problems or children at times have been delivered with deformities due to drugs prescribed for the mother during pregnancy. These cases raise very similar issues to those that the firm has effectively litigated involving other pharmaceuticals, drugs and dietary supplements.

If you or a loved one would like us to evaluate a potential infant medical malpractice case on your behalf, please contact us via our form or call 888-773-3515 and ask to speak with an attorney with birth defect or birth injury experience.
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