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Estate Litigation and Will Contests

For many families, the pain of losing a loved one is compounded by conflicts and disagreements about how to distribute the assets. While having a will can go a long way toward making the probate process simpler and less confrontational, it is not always clear that a will is an accurate reflection of the testator’s* intentions. For example, if a testator made and signed a will as a result of improper influence or while they were mentally incapacitated, family members and other beneficiaries of the will can challenge its validity in the courts. Other times there may be multiple wills and the courts have to decide which version should govern the distribution of the estate.

The process of re-creating the intentions of a deceased person can be difficult both legally and factually. It is vitally important that anyone facing the prospect of estate litigation retains an experienced litigation attorney to represent their interests. Our team of litigators at Meyerson & Miller have extensive courtroom experience in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and understand how to obtain favorable results for our clients whether through negotiation or trial.

If you are interested in challenging a will, or if your interest in an estate is challenged by someone else, please contact one of our estate litigation and will contests attorneys via our online form or call our Philadelphia office at (215) 972-1376 for a free and confidential consultation. Our intake staff and team of trial attorneys will promptly evaluate your case and let you know what we can do to help.

*An individual who has a will at the time of their death is called a testator. If a person passes away without a will they are said to have “died intestate.”
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